(Instructor) How do I Post an Announcement to my Class?

Post Announcements for a Class

  1. Select a class for which you are an Owner (or Co-Teacher)
  2. Click the text bar at the bottom that says “Type message here…”
  3. A modal box (pop-up) will appear to provide options for posting the announcement.
  4. Type your message in the space allotted.
  5. One attachment (image or document) can added to the message. You will be prompted if the file is too big or not accepted file type. JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Word are accepted.
    1. Use these options:
  6. You have the option to Schedule your announcement. Click then:
    1. Select the Date and Time options and click to Schedule the message.
    2. The message will be sent by the system as scheduled.
  7. If not scheduled, click the button once your announcement is complete.

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